Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday, I traveled to Cambridge to visit with Molly and her boyfriend, George. In addition to seeing their lovely apartment, I got to visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History and walk around some of Harvard and Cambridge.

The Museum of Natural History was having a special exhibit of glass flowers. These flowers were created as teaching tools. There were many dozen display cases filled with the glass flowers.

There were glass cross sections of the plants for study of close-ups. In one case, there was a branch with fall oak leaves. The artisan who created the glass waited until fall to go out and mix his paint in order to mimic the colors in nature as precisely as possible.

The Museum also had a section with taxidermy animals and skeletons, such as the whale below which still has its baleen.

This ocelot is around the same size as Tom!

This large flying creature is called a flying fox.

This peacock reminded me of the one that they had at Clovernook Farms, where I used to to work in the summers.

After the Museum we walked around Harvard and then had a beverage at a local cafe. We did some shopping and finished up the afternoon at Molly's house with some nice home-made pizza. Lovely day in the city!

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