Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crafts and Wine and Beer (Not Related)

Last night, Seth and I went to our favorite craft fair ever, Twist, which takes place twice a year in Northampton. We saw lots of people there from work and had a blast browsing all the amazing hand-made items.

I got a few items: a fun Mother's Day card for Mom and soaps from our favorite place, Bunny Butt Apothecary. (Please note that I had an additional soap from Seth which is already in use. And a chap=stick -- same thing -- also in use.)

I've been doing some crafting of my own. I started a new blanket. This one is for Seth's sister and brother in law for their new house. I am using the same hourglass cables pattern that I used for the blanket I made for Dad and Lisa for their engagement.

This morning, Seth and I went on two wedding-related errands. The first was to the post office, where we purchased postage for our invitations and mailed them off. They would have been better going a week or two from now, but I have to work the next two weekends for Smith's reunion, so this was the chance we got.

The second trip was to the Spirit Haus where we placed the order for the wine and beer for the wedding. The wine will be Montinore Estate Borealis (white) and Clayhouse Adobe Red. For beer, we got Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail and Sam Adams Summer Ale. I have know knowledge of beer, but I know the wine is lovely and have been assured the beer is a good selection. For the sparkling for toasting, we're doing Mionetto Prosecco. We're down to about seventy days to the wedding, so everything is really starting to come together in the final form. We just have to finalize seating and re-meet with all the vendors (and pay them, of course). We should be all set.

And a blog post wouldn't be complete without cute pictures of our baby girl, Lily.

She is enjoying that ottoman.

Off to Connecticut for Mother's Day tomorrow and then two crazy weeks of work. Time to try to relax before the madness.

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