Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Now that I have finished the blanket, I decided to do some spinning. I started work on this batt.

It's superwash merino. Black on the outside with rainbow on the inside.

It's turning into very cool yarn.

Lily supervises. (As usual, she is not impressed.)

Busy weekend coming up. Seth and I are traveling to Connecticut to print the wedding invites. I am going to have my first fitting. I have yet to see my wedding dress and the sample as in another color, so I am excited to see how the real item looks. Sunday Mom and Aunt Geraldine are throwing me a shower at the house in Bethany. It should be loads of fun. I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can have pictures. I have a lot of items to bring to Connecticut.

The last Phonathon of the year is almost over. The last two shifts, which Maddy is managing, are tonight and tomorrow. All in all a good year in Phonathon. We'll do some calling in the office around reunion and loads of staff calling in June, but most of the late nights are over until the early fall. Looking forward to the summer!

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