Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend, Seth and I drove to Connecticut for a weekend of wedding related activities. I had my first fitting at Harold's, we printed the invitations, and Mom and Aunt Geraldine threw me a shower at the house on Sunday.

The first fitting went very well. This was my first time seeing the dress. The color was just perfect. We took a bunch of pictures, but the dress is secret to Seth before the wedding, so I am not posting any. The dress needs limited alterations -- it just needs to be taken in slightly at the bust. The dress was sent fit to length from Sophia Tolli. It fit perfectly in the waist and fit my shape very well. The train is a bit longer than I expected. It should be very interesting to maneuver in.

I tried on several items in my hair: combs, headbands, and veils. Going to the store, I was thinking I might want a comb, but I didn't really like them after all. The headbands, while lovely, made me look even more youthful. I had thought I wouldn't want a veil. I tried on a few at the store, and was really on the fence. I still thought, leaving Harold's, that I didn't want a veil even though on was quite nice on. Looking at the pictures now, however, I am struck by how nice the veil looks. It really adds a bridal feel to the ensemble. I am shocked to say that I might want to get a veil. The pictures really are striking. My surprise continues. I plan to think it over more.

The printing of the invitations went well. Seth spearheaded the printing initiative. He designed the invites, just like he did the save the date. They have a similar motif. Mom addressed in calligraphy the envelopes. She and I lined them, and they are ready to go out mid-May. I will post pictures after everyone get's theirs in the mail.

The shower on Sunday was lots of fun! It was great to see my family, Seth's family, and all my friends!

Seth and I got loads of great gifts.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the day so special!

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