Friday, April 23, 2010

Echo Hill

I took a walking tour of the local neighborhood from our condo at Webster Court outward through our larger community called, Echo Hill.

Here is our condo at the end of the row.

We have a lovely pair of cherry trees. They are both out front and in back.

Echo Hill is planned community, built in the 1960s is comprised of the condos (i.e. where we live), a few apartments, and homes. Echo Hill is divided into two associations, Echo Hill South Association and Echo Hill North Association. The latter is comprised only of homes. The South Association includes homes as well as the condos, such as our condo in Webster Court.

The Echo Hill community was built following a model where homes were along smaller neighborhood cul-de-sacs. There is common space. The entire community is residential only, so the streets are quite quiet.

Echo Hill South has two common areas. The first is a meadow.

The second is a pond turned vernal pool (and object of much debate among the association).

Vernal pool or not, this local dog sure seems to enjoy the water!

The Echo Hill North Association also has a pond.

A lovely and quiet neighborhood. A nice place for a walk!

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