Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blanket Finished

Today, Seth and I went to the Lexie Barnes warehouse sale. Missy has told Seth about it. (Thanks, Missy!) I got Lily this new project bag.

This is actually the only one of this bag ever made. It was a concept for a bag that Lexie never produced. (This is what Lexie told me -- poor lady had a cold.) The pattern is actually one I already have in a tote, but it's my favorite.

The bag has enough room for a blanket and interior pockets for straights and circulars.

We also got free passes to the upcoming Twist Fair in Northampton May 7 and 8. Twist is my favorite craft fair, and Seth and I always love to go, so the free passes are great!

I finished the blanket I have been working on. This one will be remaining with us.

The pattern was very easy, which was a relief after my recent very complicated cable blanket (which was lovely but needed super attention to detail). I spent a lot of time knitting while watching my newest television obsession Veronica Mars on DVD.

I hope the blanket gets lots of use. Now I am onto another!

Also, for your pleasure, a few Lily glam shots. I like the one with her tail!

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Meliabella said...

LOVE the bag! Dutch Treat is my favorite print as well. Glad you guys got to make it out!