Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visit to Connecticut

This past weekend, I went to visit Mom and Greg in Connecticut. I had a lovely trip. Poor Mom was not feeling well, but I got to spend time with Greg. He trained me at the gym. He's preparing for a new body building show in June. Good luck!

We also went to visit my Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Jimmy's new puppy, Sophia. They were down at my aunt's florist shop (the best florist shop ever)! It was wonderful to see my aunt and uncle and to meet Sophia. She's over the top cute! Welcome to the family.

Seth and I got our first gifts off the registry this past week. A surprise package awaited us at home with the cutlery we registered for and (!!!) the comforter set with sheets for our new queen size bed (coming soon). Very exciting! Thanks for Uncle Moe and Aunt Judi for these great things that we'll use every day. I am sure that Lily will also enjoy them. She loves blankets.

In wedding news, we're currently working on getting the invites printed. Our printer had a snag, so Mom is letting us use her's. Seth and I will be down in Connecticut at the end of the month (April) for my shower and for my first fitting. My wedding dress just came in, so I am excited to see what it looks like. Busy, busy!

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