Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent Activities Wrap-Up

It's been a while. I was sick a couple of weeks ago with my second cold of the season. (Very disappointing as I tend to be a one cold a year, max, kind of person.) I was drinking lots and lots of tea. (See below: Normal size mug, left. Mega mug in which I was drinking tea, right.)

I am much improved now; a good thing, considering we start Phonathon again at work this week. This will occupy most of my waking hours for the next three weeks.

Seth and I did take some time out to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday. He made me a special treat the day prior.

For actual Valentine's day we went to Judie's, one of our favorite local restaurants. They had a fun heart-shaped cake for the holiday which I neglected to photo before we consumed it. We then went to the Amherst Cinema, our local art cinema, which is downtown and a location I frequent, to see A Single Man. I had seen the movie by myself last week and enjoyed it so much I wanted Seth to get to see it too. All in all a lovely day out!

I've also started a new spinning project. One skein is already done.

I especially like the pieces of recycled silk that are in the yarn.

Now, off to exercise and then work (training about two dozen new Phonathon callers).

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