Friday, December 18, 2009

Mid-December Already

It's December already. Seth and I have been enjoying the holiday season. We have the Christmas tree/Chanukah bush all set up in the living room and our snowman and candy-cane Gel Gems on our slider. It's very festive.

The most recent week of December has hit me hard with a rather unpleasant cold which has made me miss some inconvenient days of work. I am just now feeling well enough to be vertical for more than a few seconds. It has been seriously blah. Seth has been taking very good care of me. So has Lily, who has made sure to spend at least three of the hours during the day (and all of the hours during the night) sleeping on my knees and shins just in case they were a bit chilly.

One of my holiday gifts from Seth is also helping with the cold. It's bath items from Lush, my favorite place for bath and body items. Among the many cool things he got me from Lush is this gift set filled with bath bombs (Lush's exploding bath salts), themed for Chanukah. Check out the neatness!

(We kept trying to take the picture with the gimel showing but the gift box would not cooperate.)

On the plus side, for those who have been following the story of the cable and electrical, I have good news. WMECO will be reimbursing us in full for all of the expenses we incurred as a result of the problem with the line. I am very happy and looking forward to their check for $388 arriving in the mail in the next two weeks.

Before my cold started, I was doing a bit of spinning.

I've been working on this roving, which I got from loop.

It's turning into some neat yarn.

On the wedding front, Seth finished designing the Save the Dates. They are very, very cool and done with a neat motif in navy, which I will say little about, so that it can be a surprise.

We're planning to have the invitations, place cards, and cake (!) match the design. We are going to order the paper from them from Paper Source and then print them at home. We were thinking of using a local printer/copy place, but everyone was none to helpful in getting back to us, and we determined that paying to buy ink for our printer was cheaper than paying a copy place anyway. We didn't want any fancy engraving or raised printing and our at-home printer does a very nice job when set to it's "best" setting, so we should be all set. We plan to order the paper soon once we see the samples, which should arrive in the mail any day.

The save the dates will be going out in January. The only other wedding "to do" items for January are: register, get tuxes for the men (which will be in grey so as to look good with the ladies' dresses), and order the cake. Seth, the cake master, has decided he wants to get the cake from Atkins, a local country market with a bakery. They have pictures of cakes they've made online here. Seth already knows what he wants the cake to look like, so we just have to go an get a quote and place the order.

Now, Seth and I are off for two weeks, until January 4. Party time (once this wretched cold is over)!

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