Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Things are moving right along with work, wedding prep, and my hobbies. Lily has been working hard too.

First, the Phonathon is almost 2/3 over. We were actually featured on the Smith College news page, The Gate. You can read about the Phonathon (and see a picture of the Phonathon Center) here.

For the wedding, Seth and I finished with writing the ceremony. Seth did most of it, and did a great job. Now we have to disseminate the finished product to the officiants. Also, I have plans to go shopping with my bridesmaids around Thanksgiving. I've been looking at dresses that look like this.

And this.

Actually for the second one, I was looking at this dress (click) in teal because it's closer to the first one. For some reason the website wouldn't let me download a jpg for it though.

Seth has also been working on the invitations, starting with the save the dates. He has done a wonderful mock up. The invites are going to be in teal as well - teal is the color we're using. The invites will be modern and with a geometric feel. We talked briefly about having the pattern on the cake echo the invites but no plans have been made yet, and the cake and invites are Seth's area of expertise.

I've also been doing some spinning.

I am thinking of spinning this yarn and donating it for the charity auction that happens for our office in December. It's very cool yarn, so it might be good for that. The yarn I donated last year was popular and got knit into a baby sweater. So cute!

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