Monday, November 2, 2009


Whew! It's been busy, and I have not posted in a while. The past few weeks have been extremely busy at work as the Fall Phonathon has been taking place. So far, so good though.

Yesterday, Seth and I took a break from the busy schedule I have and went to Sunderland to Mike's Maze, an eight acre corn maze at Warner Farm.

This year's maze was Darwin.

(Image from Mike's Maze website)

One gets a map and the game is to locate certain points in the maze.

At these points there are information placards pertaining to the theme of the maze. One gets points for finding all the locations in the maze and gets a sugar pumpkin as a prize.

Seth and I had loads of fun and found all the locations in the maze and even some of the bonus ones.

At home, Lily has been chilling out with us a lot. The couch, where she never used to sit, is now her new favorite spot. She's also fancying the linen closet. Here, Lily does her best "I am a blanket" impression.

Also, perhaps the next time I blog, I will be doing so from my new computer. My dear, dear, IBM, I love you so, but after seven years, things are starting to become difficult for you. Some days are good, some days, not so much.

To help take the strain off the IBM, I am getting a netbook - an Asus eee 1005HA with Windows 7 Starter Edition in blue.

I am eagerly anticipating it's arrival. It's a simple computer, designed only to surf the web, read e-mail and create the occasional Word document, but that's all I really use my computer for now anyway since I am no longer a student. My much beloved IBM will still be my favorite before all other computers, and I will definitely still keep it, just more in an inactive role. It has earned its retirement.

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