Monday, November 23, 2009

The Goings-on with Lily

Lily has been the most wonderful girl lately. She has been doing all sorts of things I never thought she would. I feel that some day in the future, she might turn into a real lap cat.

Lily used to never share furniture with you. In fact, originally, she never sat on any furniture except her special window seat, which she continues to adore, and the disk chair, which she has deserted of late. Lily loves to spend time sitting with Seth and me on the couch. This is especially desirable when Seth has the star quilt out. Indeed, Seth and Lily take up so much space that it is sometimes difficult for me to get a spot at all. Lily also spent a lovely night, curled up on my lap for over an hour. This from a cat who never used to sit with me for more than ten minutes tops. She also spent about fifteen minutes on my lap while I was surfing the web last night. (I had to remove her from Seth's laptop -- a new favorite spot.)

Lily does love her little enclosed spaces. She spent some time in Seth's hamper last night.

Lily is such a good girl. I like to think that we are doing right by her and taking care of her in ways that accommodates for her rather special personality and nervousness. Again, I feel she's been doing very well with this. I think she's been happier since we moved to Echo Hill and got the condo where it is so much quieter, recent difficulties with the electric (company -- not the electrical work in the house which is apparently fine), which has resulted in a lot of people visiting, aside.

I am very thankful that Lily (via Missy) found us. Her Mommy and Daddy couldn't love her more!

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