Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anniversary and Twist

The Fall Phonathon ended Thursday with a great deal of success. This made me quite happy. I was also excited to sit down to a dinner with Seth for the first time in two weeks. A special bonus - it was our anniversary!

The celebration actually started on Wednesday when Seth had flowers sent to my office to celebrate my last Phonathon shift (Maddy worked the Thursday shift) and our anniversary.

He sent carnations - my favorites!

Thursday ended up being such a crazy day. We were having trouble with our internet and then Comcast said it was an electrical problem and the story, as of yet unresolved, continues for annoying length the result which promises to be a very expensive electrical bill. Although it is to note that the problem is probably not our electrical system at all which appeared fine to the electricians but something created by the cable company. This is no 100% certain but is likely. Even though we spent all of Friday dealing with the situation we'll have to wait until Tuesday for likely resolution. But I digress.

Thursday, after Seth dealt with the craziness all day and I spent the day at work, we decided despite our worry about the cable situation to go out as planned. We went to Tabella, a lovely restaurant in Amherst, where we had somehow never been. We had a lovely dinner. We shared some chickpea fries to start, then had a great risotto and some duck with a chutney. We then had dessert - pumpkin pie for Seth and a wonderful bittersweet chocolate creme brulee for me. It was a wonderful time, and I was delighted to get to spend time with Seth after such a long time without getting to share a meal with him.

Friday we dealt with the electrical/cable problem during the day. But in the evening had a great time going to the Twist craft fair in Northampton. Maddy went with us which was lovely because I have hardly gotten to see her at work what with our crazy schedules trading off evenings at the Phonathon.

As per usual, I got some cool stuff at Twist. Seth got me some soaps from Bunny Butt Apothecary, my favorite hand-made soap place.

He also got me an adorable little stuffed pig for my desk. Lily is already obsessed with the pig, and you can see a bit of her fuzziness and wiskers in the picture.

Finally, I go myself a neat magnet. The picture didn't come out that well -- the button says "Knit Nerd." Funny!

I've actually been doing more spinning than knitting, as I have been working on spinning up the yarn for the craft basket The Smith Fund is putting together for the Development/AASC annual winter charity auction.

I finished plying the first bit earlier this afternoon and am in good shape to have it all done by December.

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