Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Seth and I have been busy crafting.

Seth made this 3D model for his Dungeons and Dragons game. I think the guys will like it when they play their game on Friday - it's very cool and much more interactive than the 2D maps they normally draw on their grids for playing.

Lily observed to make sure that everything went to plan.

Meanwhile, I did some spinning. I have been spinning up a batt with neps in it.

The singles are very fun looking, however I think that the yarn will be even better when plied as there will be neps everywhere! It should also be a very fun yarn to knit with. Now what to make with only 3 oz...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Big E Big Photo Post!

Today, Seth took me to The Big E for my first-ever time. It was huge, hugely crowded, and hugely fun! I ate a lot of bad-for-me food: fried dough, cream puff, blue slurpy, a bite of Seth's 7" corn dog, and a bit of Seth's awesome blossom.

We saw lots of animals.



(Mother of the piglets)

(Zebu, who I fed!)

We saw some oddities.

(Made of butter)

(Deep fried mushrooms!?)

(Cool dino)

(Map of Connecticut and what things are made in each town - of debatable accuracy)

We saw lots of cars (which I am posting for Greg, even though I am not sure he has ever read the blog). The first two are from the James Bond movies.

There were also building for all of the New England states which had things from the states inside.

(Rhode Island)


(Maine, which had a line that you must have had to stand in for over an hour to get a baked potato. Seth says they are the best ever, but we didn't want to wait.)



(New Hampshire)

All and all a great trip. Thanks, Seth, for taking me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Wine Rack

The new wine rack Mom got me at Yankee Candle is finally up!

There was a failed attempt and failed hardware purchases but, with the help of Seth's dad, we are finally set to go. Lily also helped.

I got some cool wine to put in the rack back when I originally got it a few weeks ago.

I have a couple bottles in the rack now, but might add more later once I am sure Lily won't be all over the rack.

(I think she is a good girl. I am not worried.)

I've also been spinning.

A closer view.

This yarn started off life as this very neat roving.

I am enjoying it and trying to spin up the rest soon so that I can move on to this new roving Seth got me.

I can't wait to spin it up!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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