Monday, August 3, 2009

Various Genres

Some random updates from various genres.


The Carle is booked and the rental contract signed (and the money sent). Abbey Chapel is booked. This month I hope to organize (1) the caterer, (2) the officiants, and (3) the ceremony music. I am heading the effort to find the caterer. Seth is organizing the effort for the officiants and will be contacting the musician for Abbey Chapel who is affiliated with the college. I am also hoping to talk with the photograher this month, although finalizing the photography can wait.

I got my dress this weekend. It's by designer Sophia Tolli. I will provide no more details because this portion of the wedding should be a surprise.

For those who live far away, I finally got a picture taken of my engagement ring where you can actually see what it looks like.

Finally, the webpage for the wedding now contains some useful information. View it here.


I have taken two crafting classes at work this summer. The first class I took was in basket making. I made this small basket. Every time I finish spinning a roving I always give Seth the scrap yarn. Now he has a little basket to store it in.

I also took a class in button jewlery making and created these earring, which I gave to my mother. They are comprised of square opaque buttons. The button jewlery making class was far and away my favorite - what fun!


The bush was finally removed from our garden/patio area. I had a bunch of weeding to do. I also planted some flowers - a few impatiens. I dislike gardening and yard work (hence the condo), and it seemed silly to plant annuals this late in the season. That being said, after the weeding, the area looked completely blighted. I am not convinced it looks great, but it at least looks better. I will think of something more to do next year and probably plant more.

More updates to come later.

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