Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Carle!

Today, we went over to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

We looked at the present exhibits: The Hungry Caterpillar (it's his fortieth birthday!), the art of Winny the Pooh, and the art of Tomie dePaolo. The galleries were wonderful. It brought back fond memories of my mother and father reading me books by these authors (especially by Carle and dePaolo) in my youth. It was very exciting to see the original art. I don't have photos because photography is not allowed in the galleries - it's bad for the art, which is already not on archival materials. Carle uses a lot of collage with tissue paper in his art, which doesn't age well.

We were also scouting the museum as a potential reception location. You are allowed to have events with food, drink, and dancing in the main hall.

The art on the walls is original by Carle and done on Tyvek. He used broom, carpet pieces, brushes, and other materials.

When you rent the museum for events you have access to all the galleries for viewing as well - very, very cool!

The main atrium overlooks the orchard outside, which is quite lovely and which would be a good location for photos.

Directly outside there is a patio that one is given access to with the rental.

Here are some better pictures of the main atrium, where an event could be held and the outside of the museum. These images are from three postcards Seth purchased for me. The images are property of the museum and the photographers, Jim Gipe (top and center) and Paul Shoul (bottom).

Unrelated buy cool is the Very Hungry Caterpillar VW Beetle.

I absolutely love the museum of the reception. Pro's: It's unique, the galleries are very cool for a "thing to do" when people need down time from partying. The outlying area is lovely. The museum is conveniently located in Amherst and about ten minutes away from Mount Holyoke. Con's: The obvious - cost; it cost $3,000 to rent the Carle.

More places to look.

It seems that the Garden House might be out because it's not available any Saturdays in July 2010. We'll keep it on the back-up list because we could always have the wedding in August instead.

UMass has been moved to Monday. I will post pictures then.

The contact persona at the Springfield Museums is driving me crazy. I e-mailed her a while ago, and then called yesterday because I hadn't heard from her. She was mostly incomprehensible on the phone. She promised to send me information via e-mail and never did. I am interested in the museums, but the staff person is such a hassle to deal with. She is completely uncoordinated and doesn't get back to me. If she's like that in the inquiry stage, I can't imagine how it would be to work with her planning a wedding.

We still have The Barney Carriage House for next Saturday as well.

In sum, we have a few more places to check. The Carle is my favorite place so far, and I would say go for it but for the cost. Still, it was a lovely museum visit.

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