Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ceremony Location?

Things are continuing to move along slowly as the wedding planning begins. Lily is a big help. Here she is helping me organize my wedding planner.

Seth and I decided a while ago that we would like to do an interfaith service at the wedding. (Seth being Catholic. Me being Jewish.) As a result, we were looking for an interfaith local for the service. This immediately brought to mind the interfaith chapels at both of our places of business: Smith College and Mt. Holyoke. These places are even more of interest because they have clergy/chaplains of both our faiths in residence who could possibly co-officiate the service.

We were already familiar with the Helen Hills Hills Chapel at Smith from Seth's sister's wedding. Today, we went to check out Abbey Chapel at Mt. Holyoke.

It was completely amazing!

(Abbey Chapel outside)

(Abbey Chapel inside)

We absolutely love it, and are very interested in having the service here. Seth is planning to go and talk with the chaplains while at work next week because we want to make sure that we can get a member of the Catholic clergy who will perform a ceremony outside a Catholic Church (Seth mentioned this was a concern.) and a rabbi who would do a ceremony on Saturday (I mentioned this was a concern.).

There are loads of good places where we could take pictures before the wedding:

1. On the steps by the main door.

2. On the lawn in front of the building.

3. In the garden next to the Chapel.

Also, very cool is that the Chapel has an organ. When we arrived someone, likely the music director or someone of that ilk, was playing the organ beautifully. Seth will check into some things, but this looks like a very good option - exciting!

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