Monday, April 20, 2009

Ready for My Next Project

I have finished with the baby blanket for the soon-to-be-born baby of my former boss at UMass. I think it is a good blanket for a baby who will be born during the summer.

I also finally finished the rest of the roving I was spinning for my boss for her baby. This is a bit belated - the baby is already here - but at least I got the blanket to her on time.

(Does that hand-spun have Vulcan origins?)

I have started spinning up the roving Mom got me for Christmas, called Short Attention Span Theatre. It is one of the coolest things I have ever spun!

Clearly, I have already moved onto my next spinning project. For my next knitting project, I am going to be doing a cabled blanket for Seth's mom in a teal color. I haven't started it yet, but I got the yarn on Saturday. It should be lovely!

Unrelated: Here are a couple cute pictures of Lily in things.

(An older picture of Lily on the bookshelf at our old place.)

(Lily enjoys the hamper. She is very excited that we have a washer and drier.)

(Lily loves to help make the bed. She is such a help.)

No updates on the wedding as of yet. We did order my ring. I say order because they are going to be making the setting at Silverscape, the jeweler we picked. It should be ready in another couple of weeks.

We have also set up a website for the event here. The URL is very convoluted and there isn't anything of moment on the page yet because no planning has occurred. I will let you know when there is good information on the blog (this one) and will forward individuals to the website as needed, if we decide to use it in force.

Less than a week of Phonathon left - last one of the year! (Will we meet our goal?)

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Meliabella said...

Is July 3rd the date then?