Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Baby news is happening all over the place. When you work with people in their thirties babies sprout up like crazy. It is keeping me busy with the blanket making.

Here is the finished blanket for my boss's baby (due yesterday - still hasn't arrived).

The pattern is bells and lace. I finished it the morning of the shower. I had just the top border to do - just the border took over four hours straight. It wouldn't have been such a rush to the finish, but the interchangeable needles I was using had a problem where the cord and the needle separated resulted in tons of dropped stitches. I took it to Webs, the local yarn store, when the sales associate looked at it for a while continually remarking on it's beauty - she had never seen anything like it - something I find hard to believe since there was a gaping hole in it! Fortunately, one of my coworkers is a knitter of extreme skill and majesty and was able to fix the blanket. She called it "messing around until it looks okay" but it was actually magic.

I am currently knitting a blanket for my former boss at UMass. This pattern is called Blue Bells. If you flip it upside-down it looks like tulips instead.

In other baby news, Seth and my "baby," aka. our cat, Lily, celebrated her second birthday the first of the month. She's gotten so big!

Here is baby Lily. This picture is from either her first or second night with us.

Here is now Lily. She's such a lovely girl. Her new favorite thing to do, is to come up on the bed right after the alarm goes off and curl up behind me and snuggle in and make me late for work.

Here is Lily enjoying some face time with her Daddy.

In slightly related news, Lily can be happy to know that her two parents are staying together. Two weekends ago, Seth and I got engaged. I was having a hard day (I did my taxed and owed over $2,000). When we got home Seth offered to make me tea. Instead of coming up with a full cup, he brought up a tea bag with a ring in it. Very romantic! I think other wonderful things happened after, Seth assures me they did, but I was kind of freaking out (good way) at this point and don't remember the details of everything. We're thinking of doing the wedding next summer but have no plans yet. We haven't even bought a ring yet. At present, I have Seth's mom's ring on loan. This is extremely generous and very much appreciated.

I will try to post more often and update you on wedding plans as we plan them.

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