Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We've Been Busy

We've been busy, but it looks like we're finally finished.

The chair that I ordered from Pennys came off back-order.

We put it in the living room because it goes with the slipcover and the rug and curtains.

We moved the recliner into the office so that I could have a chair to sit in when Seth wants to hang out in there.

We also did work on the basement. Seth got bookcases and brought his Star Wars stuff back.

He reclaimed the dining room table that Mom gave us when we were living at Rolling Green.

It will be good for table top games, et cetera. We also got a futon from Dad and Lisa. (I almost thought that the futon wouldn't make it downstairs and would have to stay in the living room instead but Seth and his dad were able to take it slightly apart and get it down the stairs.)

Meanwhile, I've been working on the Bells and Bobbles blanket for my boss's baby. I want to have it done by the shower, which is at the beginning of March. I'm about half done now, so I'll have to see how it goes. I've also been spinning some yarn in pink for the border, which will be done as i-cord.

Next I plan to spin the last of the Baby Cakes from the club, which came last month. They may be my favorites yet!

I am so glad that the last of the furniture is in the house so that we can enjoy it without much effort beyond the regular cleaning, oh, and we have to organize under the stairs, and probably a bunch of other things. At least we're finally unpacked all the way!

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