Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's back to work. The Phonathon is coming - training tomorrow and Friday, then calling starts Sunday.

In the meantime, while I still have time, the couch was fitted with a new slipcover. The cat kind of (read definitely) wrecked the front of the couch arms, leaving them with a slightly distressed look (aka. fluff was leaking out).

The slipcover is lovely! Seth picked it out to go with the curtains and rug.

The other exciting thing is that we ordered a chair. You can view the chair here. (n.b. Click on the word "here" for the link.) The chair is on back order and should be here at the end of January.

Also, I have started a new knitting project. The knitting is done on the green berry and leaf blanket - the panels just have to be sewn together. Now I am working on a blanket for my boss' baby, coming in March. It's a lace pattern with a bells and bobbles boarder. I am working on the boarder now, and it is taking forever! I need to pick up the pace or the blanket won't be finished before the now-inside baby is a toddler with teeth.

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