Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Setting the Twist

I realized today that I have a couple of pounds of hand-spun that I never set the twist on. I dislike having to set the twist. It is analogous to all the finishing that has to be done on a knit sweater; something I dislike so much that I only knit blankets, which almost never need any finishing.

With spinning, when I am done, I want to be done. I have a product. It looks finished. And yet, it's not - the twist needs to be set.

I decided today to quit my procrastinating and get it done. I would do a massive setting of the twist, using the bathtub. (I do not know if it's bad form to put different fibers and dye lots together in a tub, but it's efficient.)

I piled all my fiber in. It looked like this.

I let everything sit for 20 minutes while collecting copious hangers and towels. I then took the skeins out of the tub, squeezed out the water and hung them to dry. This took over half and hour. Now my bathroom looks like this.

I also have clothing and towels scattered all around my apartment as I needed a lot of towels to dry the yarn and didn't have enough spare hangers to hang the yarn. It will probably take a while to dry because it's a rainy day today, but I have the fan in the bathroom going to expedite matters and have hope that the apartment will be organized again by the time Seth gets home.

In other fiber related news, I spun up two of the Baby Cakes last night.

Great fun! I can't wait to do the next four. Plus, I have another dozen coming in the next two months. What a wonderful gift from Seth.

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