Monday, November 24, 2008

Meanwhile, I've been Spinning...

We made an offer on the condo in Amherst yesterday and today it was accepted! Mega-joy! I think things will now get crazy busy, as we plan to close in under a month.

Meanwhile, I've been spinning.

First, I spun the Silverado in Color in bulky weight singles.

Next, I spun the Cotton Candy from way back because Seth really loved merino tencel when we were at Rhinebeck. (He said he wants me to make him a blanket out of this, but I only have 4 oz.)

Going forward, I plan to spin this:

These are called Baby Cakes and are 0.5 oz fiber batts from loop (on Etsy). Seth got me a three month subscription to the Baby Cakes club for November - January, as an early-middle-late Christmas present. Off to spin!

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