Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now...pictures of a cat who is not Lily?

I went home this weekend. I have been trying and trying to get pictures of Mom and Greg's new (as of around Mother's Day) kitten, Logan. She's always on the move, whether it's climbing on the roof or pulling feathers out of the turkeys that live in the backyard. Still, I tried to capture her likeness.

Here, Logan is about to enjoy a good bit of literature. By that I mean, she will shortly be gnawing on this book.

Ooo, Logan just ate something yummy. Could she perhaps have been partaking of Greg's unfinished eggs?

Like any good cat, if there is a clothing item that you lay on your floor momentarily, Logan will sit on it.

Well, now, I'm off - I have to start spinning this!

(Silverado in Color by Copperpot)

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