Saturday, September 6, 2008

franklin county fair and twist

A busy weekend so far. Last night we went to the Franklin County Fair.

There were large vegetables.

There were barnyard animals. I especially liked the pigs.

I ate large quantities of fair food, like fried dough and cotton candy. Seth won me a crazy, spongy, inflatable thing. No one has ever won me something at a fair before!

Today, Seth and I went with Maria and Bryant to Twist, a new craft fair in Northampton.

Seth got me this super, super cool bath/body stuff from Bunny Butt Apothecary. A couple of those soaps are good for shaving, which I am super excited about. One soap is special for my face, another had beer as the main ingredient!

I purchased a 2.0 batt of fiber from The Crafty Scientist. It will make a very lumpy bumpy art yarn.

While posting this, it struck me that I have some fiber in my stash that I haven't photographed and posted on the blog yet. Ready for the new members of the stash?

The following two items are from Treats for Breathing Fiber Company. I'd been looking for something green and the top item totally caught my eye. The bottom item - well it was so lovely and with it shipping for free with the first, how could I not? Beautiful merino.

(Gaelic Fields)


The next two items are from Muzzlepuffs. The way I ended up with two rovings from her is a similar story to the one told above. The first roving is a lovely puffy merino. The bottom alpaca!

(Birthday ponies)

(Splish Splash)

The next roving is special. It was especially dyed for me by the owner of Pieces of String too Small to Save. It's Bluefaced Leicester. I am crazy about the colors and how they blend into one another.

(Crab Nebula)

Lily, a fiber artist in a past life (or just a curious cat?), invaded the stash as usual. She then gave me cute looks to try to convince me that she was not being naughty. I stopped her when she started getting too interested in the Gracie roving. One cat eating another cats roving is not a good idea.

I've also been working on Missy and Sean's blanket, Autumn Blaze. I finished the first of four leaf panels and started the first of three berry panels.

Here is the finished leaf panel. It looks like it might need to be blocked.

Here is the beginning of the first berry panel. It's about a quarter done.

Working on this blanket in parts is a unique experience. I'm used to making the entire blanket in one piece and toting it around in the biggest bag ever. Not this project. It fits into this little cute bag.

Seriously fun times!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! The blanket looks great! Nice fiber collection!