Saturday, September 27, 2008

Awesome (or I Love My Kitty Sooooo Much!)

1. I got a new haircut. I like it a lot.

(Note: The hair-professional straightened my hair. It has not looked like it looks in this picture since the day of the haircut.)
2. Wow! Seth went to 7-Eleven to get milk and came back with this treat.

Even Lily wants a piece.

I want to say that Lily has been doing amazingly lately. Recently, she has begun to sit on my lap on furniture! This is a big deal when you think that a year ago Lily would always flinch when anyone stretched one's hand her way. Lily now likes to be picked up and cuddled, sit on my lap (on the floor first but now on furniture too), and be brushed. She flinches much less frequently, starts less often and is all around more relaxed seeming, which proves to me that you can love a pet enough to cure them of their past misfortunes.

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