Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crafting Update - New Blanket!

The Openwork Lattice blanket is finished! Well, this is mostly true. In 100% truth, I still need to knit and sew on the border, but that will be a quick process, and, in it's current state, one could certainly curl up in it.

After the border is done - say, next week. I'll have to figure out a plan to get this blanket to it's new home with my Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Jimmy? (Uncle Jimmy, are you reading this? Are you surprised? Here are some pictures of your new blanket!)

While I'm waiting for my mother to bring me a pair of 10 1/2 straights to knit the border of the above blanket. I've started on a new blanket for Sean and Missy. The blanket is called Autumn Blaze. This is because the pattern calls for red yarn. Clearly, my blanket will not be blazing.

There was a bit of confusion in which I ended up with 26 skeins of yarn for this project. Now I'm down to a more reasonable 14 skeins, which is what I actually need, and a new bag, which I was able to get will all that store credit I had from returning a dozen skeins of yarn.

This blanket is worked in strips and then knitted together. It is incredibly lovely. I think it works like magic. I'm completely enchanted.

I've also been spinning. I've been working on the Gracie roving.

And, just because I had the camera out, here's Lily. She had to go for her annual vet visit on Thursday, but they gave her three year shots so that she won't have to go back for a long time. (That's how badly it goes. Poor kitty.) Seth took her this time, and I was still a nervous wreck. Although not as bad as if I had been there. Lily is so adorable and fuzzy, even at 7:00 this morning when she was walking all over me in bed and waking me up.

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Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with that new blanket Nicole! Wonderful choice! So sorry there was yardage confusion. I thought that was a lot of yarn, even for a blanket!
I received your email about the Twist. I was aware of the Twist, but didn't know that was what Seth was referring to as he called it "some craft fair thing". :) I have a Pampered Chef Party to attend on Saturday of the Twist in Easthampton, but am thinking of stopping in on the way home. We shall see.