Friday, July 25, 2008

In Honor of the New Camera - Stash Photo Shoot

In honor of the arrival of my new camera (click on the link and check it out - seriously), I decided to have a photo shoot for all of my spinning fiber!

Here is my fiber stash in the box.

Now here is the break-out!

Meet Glimmer. Glimmer, paired with Surfer's Paradise (see below Glimmer) will soon be transformed into a lovely yarn that I plan to use to make my mother a lovely winter set. Extremely beautiful - both purchased from Gaslight Dyeworks. I plan to begin work on this project next (although I may spin a little bit of something else in between).


(Surfer's Paradise)

Here are the Totally Loaded batts that I got from Terra Bella Spun. They have any fiber thing you can imagine in them - hence the name. I spun some of it up at Sean and Missy's one night. What fun! Endlessly surprising and interesting.

(Totally Loaded)

I know that I have posted pictures of Confetti, from Loop, before in both batt and spun-up form. Well those pictures didn't do justice. Here it is again. The recycled silk juxtaposes so nicely against the black alpaca.


Here's the first merino tencel I've purchased - Cotton Candy. I'm interested to see how it is to work with tencel.

(Cotton Candy)

Here is some Romney wool from a farmer's market - Crayon. It's fun to work with more "locally prepared" fiber. I like it with a tiny bit of lanolin in it sometimes.


While stash spelunking for this photo shoot I found Mandy, from Spunky Eclectic and a gift from Sean and Missy for my birthday. Oh my gosh - look how lovely and I forgot I had it because it got buried in the stash! Well fear no more, here is it, and I am going to spin it STAT!


Because of my love for the Water Lilies roving from Keegan Lane Yarns, I had to have this - it's Gracie. The colorway is named after a kitty - what could be better. I love roving, I love kitties - you can see the immediate connection.


Oh, Water Lilies. I did not do as I said I would and take a break and save some of you for later and now - this...

(Water Lilies)

At least when I'm done with Water Lilies, I can be consoled by the fact that I certainly have other fiber to spin.

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