Friday, May 16, 2008


I am updating this blog from my office the night of the first Reunion weekend at Smith. Exciting times. I am hoping that the weather holds out tomorrow, as it would be wonderful to see the pageantry of the parade outside. Smith is truly a place steeped in tradition.

Other than work, a new an exciting element is Mom and Greg getting a new kitten: Logan. He is most amazing. The little guy curled up in my lap the entire car ride home purring. Can you believe that!? Lily hates the car. Logan is quite the little man. Any time someone is home he is spending 100% of his time with them. Example: Logan was napping in my lap while I was chatting with Mom. I got up because I had to leave to come back to Massachusetts and Logan went right over and curled up in Mom's lap. She was getting up to see me out, but he was just to quick for her with his trans-lap action! Cutest kitten behavior ever! I wish I had pictures, and I do, but they are all on my cell phone because Mom and Greg don't have a digital camera. Next time I go home, I'll have to bring mine and take some good shots for the blog. How exciting for Lily to have another family member!

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Anonymous said...

Reunion is this weekend? So then you're free next weekend?