Friday, March 21, 2008

blankets and birthday

I am working on a new blanket (US 9 needles - lunacy) for Seth. It is quite the lovely blanket in diamond stitch and is coming along nicely, except for one thing. The pattern if full of error - three in fact. And, yes, they were easy enough to correct for and rewrite for, but shouldn't someone have noticed. I'll take pictures of the blanket soon.

In other fiber related news, the spinning is coming along well. I am almost done spinning up some roving I got a Webs. I love the colorway, but the person who dyed the yarn felted it a little in the process, so it doesn't draft all that well. I think I might knit a hat out of the yarn when I am done. My first project with my personal handspun should be quite exciting. I'll post a picture of this yarn soon too.

Completely unrelated: It was my birthday on Tuesday. Seth and I took off from work and had a great day together. We renewed our lease on our apartment for next year first thing in the morning. Then we went to Northampton and looked around Webs where I got a spring/summer color appropriate Lexie Barnes tote-style bag for 50% off. You can be sure it will be hit with the cat, who loves my other Lexie Barnes bag, and gets distressed when I zip it up. (The new bag doesn't have a zipper.) I almost bought some Noro yarn in a beautiful new colorway at Webs, but resisted because I cannot just buy yarn and later think of something to make with it. I need to pick out a pattern and then buy yarn to match.

Following Webs, we went to downtown and ate a delicious lunch at India Palace. Yummy, biryani rice, coconut nana, and for Seth a vegetable fitter type thing that reminded me of latkes. Seth was so brave to try more Indian food because the first time he ate it, during an event in high school, it was too spicy for him, and he got terrible indigestion. We were sure to get milder dishes for this reason.

After lunch, we went over to Faces and purchased some art for our living room, which has been in need of a few more pictures since we moved in. We got a set of smaller pictures that remind me of wood carvings a little. The pictures all have a cat in them doing original things. I'll take a picture of the pictures some time to post.

When we were done in Northampton, we drove to Greenfield because a gift that Seth had ordered for my birthday had come in the mail. He had gotten a Star Trek: DS9 / Voyager era communicator pin so that we'd have matching ones when we go to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas this summer.

After the gift in Greenfield, we went to Hadley and walked around the mall a little bit and then headed over to Amherst where we had a Ben and Jerry's cookie sundae for my birthday "cake." After our day out, we headed home to hang our new art and enjoy some Star Trek with dinner. All and all and amazing day.

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