Saturday, February 23, 2008


1. Lovely flowers from Seth for Valentine's Day. Note that there are more flowers than the small vase that I own can fit! We used our stylish curved glasses as vases two and three. Also, Seth got Lily a little catnip plant for the holiday. What a super wonderful guy!

2. I finished Mom's scarf, knit with Rainbow Sherbet from Keegan Lane Yarns. I actually finished it last week but forgot to do a photo shoot. Mom came up to visit today and brought the scarf. We then had a super time bringing the scarf with us on our outings - the scarf was a hit at Webs.

Also awesome (but without a picture) I showed Mom how to use the spinning wheel. She did such a good job! What fun.

3. Eight Grain Chocolate. That's what the sign at Hungry Ghost Bread said, and, well, just look at the picture. Bread... with a ton of chocolate inside of it. Outstanding!

4. My first two ply using the Ladybug! This is made out of a lovely mohair that Missy gave me. I was so excited about this yarn that I even set the twist on it. (Although the latter was expedited by the fact that Seth ran me a bath the night I finished the yarn - how perfect for setting the twist.)

5. Lily. Just because I love her. The kitty is always tremendously awesome.

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