Thursday, January 10, 2008

new tea

When we were at Whole Foods over the weekend, Seth noticed something extraordinary. New tea! There was a company with loose leaf tea that I hadn't tried before. Better still, because he is so wonderful, Seth purchased some of this tea for me. The brand is tease (no capitals for them), and it is sold by a company called Tea Guys. It is absolutely delicious.

Best yet, they make unique flavored blends because while I like tea, I do admit that I am not a traditionalist - I like my tea flavored - I don't want some boring old cup of plain silver tip or gunpowder. I know that some people, ex. the tea lady at Cooks Shop Here in Northampton (a fine store), will think that this preference of mine is a sin. I know that all unflavored green (or white or black or yellow) teas taste different. I can indeed taste the difference. But I still have to say that flavored tea is always more exciting and, dare I say it, interestingly tasty.

But back to the Tea Guys. Well don't you know it but they're local! Very local as in Hatfield, practically no drive at all from Sunderland. And I am just ever so wanting to go and visit their showroom! I hope that Seth will want to go with me. Maybe we can go with Mom and the Sibley's, as my mom and Seth's mom are both fond of tea. I have no idea when we'll have time to go. Oh, maybe the first weekend in February, after the Phonathon and my spinning class at Webs but before the CASE Conference. Yes, tea. Oh, and I have been tea-less all day in the Phonathon Center. Thank goodness I had that cup of sweet matcha this morning when I did.


Anonymous said...

Hey! A few weeks ago, when we visited Natick, we visited a shop called Teavana. And would you believe it, I found a tea I liked! It was a light chai blend, however there was a line and you know how I feel about lines. Do these local tea guys have a chai?

My main issue with tea is that I don't like how it tastes and I wish I did! Any tips?

I think you need one of those outlet teapots for your phone center.

Emily said...

Thank you for stopping by Tea Guys today and giving us the heads up on the Smith news catcher (we found the link). We hope you enjoy the Papaya Ginger and Gingersnap!

Emily & Oliver Rich