Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Seth's good friend, Patrick, made a New Years resolution to update his blog everyday. Now, while I know that Patrick is most certainly an overachiever, at least in the blog arena, the entire situation made me feel kind of bad for having not posted in, well, forever. But times have been busy. There were the holidays and New Years and now I am trying to get the In Memoriam Winter Appeal out at work and the Phonathon is starting up - the first training is tonight. But enough of my excuses; Patrick is getting his PhD is some complicated BioEngineering science, taking his qualifying exams, and still posting his blog daily. (To be fair, I am not sure the latter is accurate having not taken the time to actually read Patrick's blog - but I digress.)

Greg's forever blanket project is done! Can you believe it? I keep telling people that when I started that blanket I was unemployed and didn't have Lily yet. That blanket took 1/44 of my life to make. All that and I forgot to take a picture. That's right, in my joy at finishing it by Christmas (although it was a birthday present for last June) I brought it home and didn't take a single picture. When I am home next I'll take a few shots. It looks like a finished version of what you saw before. It's very... square. I should have known this looking at the measurements, but it was still a surprise. Greg is enjoying it. He slept with it on his bed the first night, which makes me happy because knitting is made to be used.

I am not onto a new blanket in lovely hourglass cables, which are not actual cables because I have irrational cable fear. The new blanket is half way done, blue, and lovely. I can't believe what knitting does. All I do is sit there and stick a needle through a loop and wrap some yarn around all of it and poof then I look down and there is this elaborate blanket. I certainly don't think I am doing anything fancy. What a wonder how the knitting must do it all on its own.

In unrelated news: Seth and I want to go here for vacation. Click on the link - trust me you won't be disappointed. (Although you may need to install Flash.)

Oh, goodness! I have two dozen girls arriving here in an hour for training, and I haven't set up a thing yet. I am off to train the next group of phone fund raisers!

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