Saturday, October 27, 2007

So busy

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have been working daily at the Phonathon here at Smith. The good news is that it's going very well. I'll write more in November when the Phonathon is over and I have my weekends back.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Volkie's Saga

On I-84, right before exit 32, Volkie, my VW Beetle, suffered a malfunction. Thursday night, I was traveling home to visit with my father and spend my mother's birthday with my Mom. I was cruising along at a speed that would get me home expeditiously without violating traffic law. I was happily listening to an audio book, Rise and Shine (rather vapid but entertaining), when the temperature gauge on the Volkie's control panel turned red. This alone would have been alarming enough - red being an alarming color - and would have prompted me to stop. That being said, the car's manufacturer disagreed. Volkie began beeping loudly. A loud beep is rather unnerving and, in conjunction with a red light, more alarming than I feel necessary, especially considering how alarming car difficulties are by nature.

I digress.

Needless to say, Volkie had to be taken off the highway, and AAA had to be called. Volkie was towed to Plainville, Connecticut. (Who has ever heard of Plainville? Although according to the town's website it is "the geographic center and crossroads of Connecticut." Clearly not for me.)

Just shy of $700 later and outfitted with a new water pump, thermostat, and timing belt - the latter of which I was going to have replaced at a slightly later date - Volkie is back on the go.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Extreme Knitting!

Last night I attended a wrestling show. David, friend and former roommate, has recently been attending wrestling school. As it would so happen, his teacher was going to be wrestling at a 'pro' wrestling show that would be taking place at the Mullin's Center (at UMass). And additionally, as it would so happen, the Advocate, where David works, was sponsoring the show. This meant that David could get us all free tickets and we would not have to travel to get to the event.

While I was residing with David (and Seth of course) at Rolling Green, wrestling would grace our TV at least two nights a week. Sometimes I opted out of this activity, but other times, in an effort to be social, I would watch the program in question. While I watched I always knitted.

The fact that I was going to be watching wrestling live did not deter me from wanting to knit. Clearly, wrestling was a knitting related event. For me at least there was always a 1:1 correlation. The only thing I changed when knitting to live instead of televised wrestling was the project. I worked on knitting my sock instead of Greg's blanket. After all, it is easier to get a sock into your bag and thus into the Mullin's Center.

I spent the better part of last night no more than 30 feet away from men grappling violently in a wrestling ring K2P2-ing to my hearts content!