Monday, September 10, 2007


Whew! It's been busy.

This weekend, I worked the Volunteer Conference at Smith. A good time but exhausting. There was a keynote speech about the different generations: Mature, Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (my generation), and the Millennials. Very interesting. One of the things that we Gen Y folks are supposed to do is talk with our parents all the time. Of course, after I heard that I did the only thing I could do. Call my mom. And then tell my dad when I talked with him last night.

Tonight continues the week of work craziness. Tonight is the first time I'll be in the Phonathon Center to officially manage a session. We're having our annual Thankathon in which we call alumnae and thank them for their past year's gifts. I am super excited (although still a bit tired from the Conference). I'll try to keep you posted about how the Thankathon goes. If I have time, as this upcoming weekend I am going to Connecticut and then coming back here to attend part of the Student Leadership Conference at Smith on Sunday.

And Seth has been most helpful during all this. He made me the most fabulous dinner last night! (It was a surprise and wonderful!) He even made an ice cream cake with funfetti cake, cookie dough ice cream, and frosting. Oh, I could do with a piece right now. There was yummy roast beef (that Mom bought us when we moved in), potatoes, and carrots. I am going to heat some of that food up for dinner in about an hour before I head back to Smith.

Also, Lily is doing wonderfully and is quite healthy, her spaying not setting her back in the least. I am enjoying being home with her this afternoon. She has been quite sweet, having me pet her and purring. She's a bit more rambunctious in the evening, as would be expected.

Goodness, I am getting tired. No! I can't; I have to work until 9.30. Maybe I just need some tea.

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