Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday was (Seth's sister) Sheila and Gary's wedding. We all had quite an excellent time. As I had not been to a wedding since my cousin got married when I was in single digits, this was a good opportunity to have a wedding experience.

The ceremony was at Smith College, as Seth's sister is an alumna. It was nice to see the inside of the Helen Hills Hills Chapel, as I have walked past it so many times. There was a nice gathering for the wedding - not too few people and not too many.

After the ceremony there was picture taking in the gardens at Smith. Seth, as the best man, was also the chauffeur for the bride and the groom, so we got to attend the post-marriage picture taking in route to the reception. The photographer was very nice and took a picture of Seth and me in the garden as well.

The reception was at the Yankee Peddler in Holyoke - fun time. Seth got to do his toast early on in the evening, which was good as he was worried about it. I don't know why. It was most definitely the best toast ever given at any event in the history of the world. The content and delivery were most excellent.

After that there was a nice dinner. I had beef. Seth had chicken. We were seated with Seth's brother, Sean, his wife, Missy, and their son, Matthew, so we had lovely company for the meal. After dinner there was dancing! Seth and I did a good deal of dancing. As the best man, he had to do the first couples dance. Usually, as I understand it, the best man and the maid / matron on honor dance. Because the matron of honor was (naturally) married, she danced the first dance with her husband and I got to dance with Seth. Here we are.

Doesn't Seth look very handsome in his tux! Of course, he is very handsome all of the time. Still he looks nice.

And we quite certainly danced the night away! Here we are again. (I am wearing a sweater because it was so cold!)

And that was about it. Dancing and fun and then home for bed. I have to wrap this up quickly because it appears (rather smells) like the cat's litter box should be cleaned. (Oh, Lily!)

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