Thursday, August 16, 2007


I haven't posted for a while. I have been busy. Busy with things that are NEW!

New #1: My job.

I have not written about New #1 yet. Not at length anyway. Although New #1 tried to make at least a brief referential appearance in the August 4th post.

Here is the deal (and I am telling you "the deal" as I sit in my office, during my lunch break [How exciting! I have never had an office or a lunch break!]): my cool job supervising at the Annual Fund at UMass got me this cool job running the Phonathon at Smith College. More specifically, I will be responsible for: managing the phone program(!), the Senior Appreciation Program, and the ten most recent graduated classes. I have been doing mega outlining and planning and learning (mostly the latter) in the past two and a half weeks I have been here. I am enjoying everything immensely. I am even enjoying the difficult things like trying to figure out how to roll my ING retirement account from UMass into my Pax World 413(b) account here at Smith. And, of course, trying to figure why someone who is twenty-two needs a retirement account in the first place. (Although, I suppose one day I might not be in my twenties anymore....perhaps.) My co-workers are extremely nice and extremely helpful, making me extremely grateful. If, in the future, I am ever the one with the experience I will try my best to help "the new guy" the way everyone here has helped me.

New #2: Lily!

We have a (new, obviously) cat. Her name is Lily. She is as sweet as that also new yellow cake flavored ice cream with frosting and sprinkles. We were gifted Lily by Sean and Missy, Seth's brother and sister-in-law who, with a seventeen-month-old son, were already busy enough. They found her in Greenfield all by her lonesome, which is a bad way for a half-year-old cat to be. Don't worry though; she's as healthy as can be. After William getting so sick, I took Lily to the vet her second day with us. A traumatizing experience for the both of us but also a necessary one.

Lily being older than William was is a bit more calmer although she also likes to play. She enjoys: feet (which she will lick and wrap her paws around to hold in place for more licking), sleeping on our bed with us at night, lying in windows at all times of the day, the red feather on the end of her teaser toy, drinking water out of my glass instead of her water bowl, and other cat like behavior.

I have not taken Lily's picture yet. After all, she is (remember) new. Even newer than the job. She is this Sunday new (aka. five days new). But I will take lots of pictures because she is very beautiful (Tiger pattern but darker than Tom and William's. Medium hair yielding a fluffy face and magnificent tail.). And I will be sure to post the aforementioned pictures.

Oh, my lunch break is no longer new. I had better get ready for my database training in, ek!, ten minutes.

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Burdamania said...

Hey Nicole, I have that damned ING retirement fund from Umass that I'm trying to get my money out of as well. I called Umass, then I had to call ING and I got some form letter about how they took out a bunch of interest, yada yada but lost the letter. Let me know if you have any luck getting your funds out or transferring them out.