Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Palm Z22

Last week I bought something. Something big! I am not usually someone to buy things that are big, big meaning of some expense. But last week I made an exception and purchased a Palm Z22. And I am so glad that I did. It's awesome! It reads e-books, helps me keep track of what I eat, and has games in addition to the handy calendar function that I really purchased it for.

I am (or rather was) an avid user of a day planner. However, the planner was an academic one and quickly running out of pages. Even the idea of not having a place to write down what I have to do on a daily basis was not a comforting one. Hence, the Palm. It will never run out of pages.


Leslie said...

Nicole! I have the same palm. I haven't really used it though; while most of my life is digitally mediated (music, address book, photos, nearly all forms of writing), I haven't been able to get into the habit of using my palm. I just naturally turn to my day planner where I can easily jot things down. I think I'm struggling with the "graffiti"-style writing. It just feels awkward. Which is annoying, 'cause I bought the darn thing and I'm not using it.

Keep me posted on how it works out!

Seth said...

I've got to get you some games for that thing, and soon! You've been playing with your Palm more than your DS, so why fight it? I think that they must have Minesweeper or Solitare, or maybe even Tetris for the Palm. Don't worry, I'll front the bill. You just enjoy the pixilated goodness. :-D

Seth said...

Oh, and I hope you're enjoying your e-Book! :-D