Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ironically Coupled Musings

Musing One: New England and I have a love/hate relationship.

Of course, I love New England, my perpetual home, residing area of my family and friends, the place I consider my corner of America. But, New England, you have terrible weather. It is true, and, please, don't try to hide it; your weather is rotten. Sure you gave us a few good days in May, but now we have rain upon rain upon rain. Wasn't that April's place? Yes, it was. And I was patient in April with the promise that I would be granted lovely, warm, sunny weather in May. Oh, New England, you have tricked me again. You are lucky that I am a patient lover -- you know that I will never leave.

Musing Two: Why is it that I am able to savor slowly such pleasures as a piece of chocolate, but must devour so quickly a delectable book?

On my writing teacher's recommendation I read Sunetra Gupta, randomly picking A Sin of Color from the Jones' Library book shelf. Either The Times or some other snazzy book review compared Gupta's writing to that of Virginia Woolf. An apt comparison. Although, of course, being modern Gupta is "easier." But the rest is there -- the alternating third person omniscient, the careful attention to language, the penetrating of character. I shall have to read more of her work.

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