Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I don't really know what to write about this week. Worry about graduating and the fact that I don't know where I am living (and when) has sapped a lot of my energy. For those of you not graduating, you are super-d-duper lucky. I would totally write more expository papers and read more Melville for the chance to not have to worry about the future.

My worries at this point are dual, as in there are two of them.

First, I don't have a good job yet. I am applying places still and the people at work, my boyfriend, his family, and my family have all been helpful, so I just have to keep trying.

Second, I want bad things to happen to the people in the office at our apartment complex, which I will not name in order to avoid this sounding like a formal threat. Plan B (not the contraceptive) includes working part-time over the summer as I try to find a job that I like better than the one I have to date been offered. Plan B also includes waiting to get a place to live, as our lease is up in June, and there is not new apartment for us to move to where we are. Luckily, my boyfriend's family lives locally, in Greenfield, and they've said we can stay there. I can also stay with my family in Connecticut, although that wouldn't be too helpful on the job search front.

All of that complaining is not too fun. Actually, today has been pretty fine. I went to work this afternoon in order to help conduct an interview. We (at work) are hiring new staff to fill, well, my job. Of the about nine supervisors that we have, five of us are leaving, thus we need to hire five more people. I don't want to comment on top secret things like our hiring process or who has applied. I will say that it is interesting helping out my place of employment and getting a say in what happens next. I could write a million stories about all of the unique and interesting people that I work with. I think that leaving that job is one of the things I am going to miss most when I graduate in May.

This blog post has been pedantic and rather dull by my estimation. I am not a good memoir-ist, or personal non-fiction recollector.

Oh, and that drink that the vending machine stole from me last week, Seth got me one with my lunch today. It was especially delicious.