Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am in search of a pet. Following our Spring Break, a pet disaster occurred. My fish, Pacey, an elderly gentlemanly, perpetually depressing fish, finally decided it was time to meet his maker and ascend to the great fishbowl in the sky. Then, the Aquasaurs that I got for my birthday also decided that their brief lives were well lived. Basically, these pets got old and unfortunately passed away.

Now I am in search of a new pet. I am quite a lover of animals. My family has always had pets. Now, to be fair, I prefer the fuzzy type animals to the hands-off bowl / aquarium types. But in the UMass dorms Pacey was the largest amount of pet that I could really get.

I am thinking guinea pig. Yes, I have always wanted a real pig, but in an apartment that will probably not be possible. And next year, as this year, I plan on dwelling in an apartment setting. Also, dogs are not allowed in the Rolling Green apartments where we live. Cats are, but Seth is not much of a cat person, and we are quite close to a major road. This has lead me to believe a caged animal might suit us best. And with that I begin to think of guinea pigs.

I am a great lover of guinea pigs, cavies, whatever. I have had six guinea pigs over a number of years, two of them being born to us when my guinea pig Mariel came "with child" (or "with children" in this case) from the Pet Co. in North Haven, Connecticut.

Here is a picture of a guinea pig. Isn't he very cute!

A guinea pig would be perfect. Indeed I am eager to go to the pet store. Seth is also thinking about a chameleon. With all fairness, chameleons seem cool looking. However, they also seem asocial and not at all fuzzy. I think we could get a guinea pig and a chameleon though. Then Seth and I could enjoy two very different types of creatures.

I am not thinking that we'll be getting a pet super soon. We are not yet sure when we'll be able to move into our new apartment as the people in the office at our apartment complex are not being super helpful. I think that moving an animal would be difficult, and perhaps we should wait until we are better settled. We'll have to see of course.


Leslie said...

I'm with you on wanting a pet. It's a kind of Spring Fever that hits me this time of year. I mean, my desire for a dog is constant, but with the prospect of summer and pleasant time spent outdoors, I want me a dog.

But when contemplating caged animals, my money's on a chinchilla. They are ADORABLE, clean (actually hypoallergenic), and they bathe in ash. How cool is that. After seeing them frolic around in their little ash bowls and eat with their little hands, it makes me want to turn J-Lo into a coat.

Seth said...

Don't you worry, Nicole. Once you meet Rupert tomorrow at the Butterfly Conservatory, I think you'll agree that a chameleon is the way to go. They're all opposable-digit-tastic! And they can change color. We can just put him in front of various Yankee Candle candles and see how long it takes him to become "Fresh Mint," or "Peaches and Sweet Berries," or "Apple Butter." We could even take bets - Justus would probably be game for that kind of nonsense. David too!

I did enjoy your guinea-pig picture, though...


P.S.: "I am the Great Leon!" :-D

Mags said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your fish. I'm a huge cat lover myself (especially if they're from a shelter), and I've seen dog people quickly warm up to little kittens, but if that's out of the question, rabbits are pretty cuddly!