Tuesday, April 3, 2007

current thoughts perhaps with continuity

1. I have gotten a job offer. This is pseudo-exciting. At least now I know I will be employed if all else fails. However, I would not say that I really really want the job. No, their depressed looks are not what I want for myself.

2. I have an interview tomorrow. I am definitely excited. The people at work, Dave and Sarah especially, have been very very helpful. Dave recommended this book: 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions. And don't you know my luck, the DuBois Library has it as an eBook. So I read it last night and some at work today on company time (jk). It was really helpful. I have had interviews before. I mean, how else would I have gotten the job I have now. But the book was a big help for tricky questions.

3. Hi Hoober. Look I am writing about someone on my blog. Hoober and I are going to be getting a place all our own. Yay! I wish that RG would get back to us though because I am many thing but not a patient person. (N.B. If they ask me that question about my weakness I will say impatience and then show how I have overcome!)

4. I have got to finish that story for E355. I have a draft, I know, but perhaps I should do more with it. How does one know if something is ever done?

5. Also, I have to organize those articles for the next issue of the Astronomy News. Maybe I can do that on Friday. Yes, Friday afternoon I will transcribe the interview. Good.

6. I have to study for my Abnormal Psychology test tonight! I won't have time tomorrow between the interview and work.

7. Dinner with Hoober? A resounding yes.

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