Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Comments on Comments on The Strand

Oh, why, yes, this was a story that I wrote for another class. I think I mentioned that the first time I posted a piece for it. To be fair, parts of this story that I have posted on my blog, I have not shared with my E355 class. That is what is great about this blog - it allows me to experiement and get to know my characters better.

And actually as it so happens, I got to workshop this story in my writing class on Thursday. This went well overall. There was some temperal confusion, which I intend on straightening out in a few sentences. I am trying to keep this minimalist. That's the new goal. Well, since the summer and the Juniper Summer Writing Institute. I think it will be easier to have a draft where I have to add. Of course I over wrote at first, as is the custom. However, in the draft I presented I left out a lot. Especially backstory, which I think is where I will have to add in a sentence or two. I don't want overly minimalistic stuff. I want to keep the reader wondering not confused.

They called me a "stylist" in class. That makes sense. The writing that I like I enjoy because of how what is being said is said. I fell in love with Virginia Woolf most recently based on the way she rendered each sentence. Earlier in life I fell in love with Michael Cunningham, Edith Wharton, Andrew Sean Greer, and, believe it or not, Carl Sagan for the same reason. It's all in how you say it. I don't care how good an idea is. I remember one of my professors (my favorite!) saying that everyone has a good idea and what he cared about was how that idea was rendered. I am not in complete agreement with that -- I believe that there are bad ideas -- but I certainly agree in the importance of the expression of those ideas. Both in creative and expository writing.

That being said I need to know what is going on. I don't want style to overwhelm basic plot elements. That is what I need to make clear in my new draft of The Strand. Style: Yes, of course. But clarity: Another must!

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