Friday, March 9, 2007

Senior Campaign

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Annual Fund Senior Campaign is a tradition in which graduating seniors of the University give money to a class gift. Their involvement with philanthropy early on helps to create a tradition of giving to UMass. As a Senior Campaign committee member, I want to tell all of you about this exciting opportunity to give back to the University that had helped you so well these past four years. The Class of 2007 will be helping to renovate the Isle of View for their class gift. The Isle of View is located on the North side of the Fine Arts Center. It consists of a small island and a set of bridges which cross the pond. Original artist George Trakas will be returning to UMass to help with the renovation of the Isle. Donations to the Senior Campaign will be benefit this project, as well as serve to create an endowment for the preservation of the Isle of View. Seniors can look forward to a phone call from the Annual Fund as we begin our Spring Campaign.

To kick off the Senior Campaign, there will be a Trivia Night at the Graduate Lounge in the Campus Center on Friday, March 28 at 8.00. Teams may consists of 3 - 5 people. Admission is free. There will be food and complimentary gifts.

Please attend Trivia Night and make a donation to the Senior Campaign when a student caller contacts you this Spring. Gifts can be made by credit card or check in any amount. Also, the payment date of your gift may be pushed back for convenience, and any donation you make can be broken up into installments as small as $5. Consider what a great time you had at UMass, get involved, and give a gift.

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Kristi said...

ooh I figured out how to leave a comment here...

anyway, this sounds like a really good time. how are you going to advertise it? I think my friends will definitly be down, but we tend to forget about things unless someone beats us over the head with them.