Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Eggs; Sunny side up, Scrambled or Hard boiled?Scrambled.
Sausage or Bacon?Bacon, I guess.
Pancakes, Crêpes or Waffles?Depends on my mood; I love breakfast food.
Croissant, Danish or Pain au Chocolat?Croissant.
Coffee, Juice, or Hot Chocolate?Tea, thank you very much.
Pasta; Spaghetti, Tortellini, Lasagna, Ravioli, or Gnocchi?Hmm, I guess gnocchi of the above.
Pasta Sauce; Cheese, Tomato, or Meat?Depends on what pasta I am eating; probably the one of the first two.
Soup; Mushroom, Tomato, Broccoli, Carrot, Vegetable, Chowder, or Other?Chicken Noodle.
With Soup; Crackers, Toast, Croutons, Bacon Bits or Baguette?Crackers!
Pizza; Cheese, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Veggie, or Other?Eggplant and spinach.
Pizza; Square Slice, Pointy Slice or Deep Dish?Pointy Slice with a lot of crust.
Sandwich; or white bread or brown?White.
Toppings; Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Peppers, Mushrooms,Mayo,Salt, or Other?Depends, but I don't really like toppings.
Chinese; Springrolls or Eggrolls?Eggrolls.
Chinese; Sweet & Sour Pork, Crispy Sesame Beef, or General Tao Chicken?General Tao's Chicken.
East Indian; Veggie Korma (curry) or Tandoori Chicken?Nan.
Meat; Well done, Medium, or Rare?Medium.
Mashed Potatoes or Baked?Mashed.
Salad Dressing; Vinaigrette, 1000 Island, Ranch, or Other?Ew!
Cheese; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Havarti, Ricotta, Feta, Cottage, Brie, Soy, or Other?Mozzarella mostly but sometimes cheddar.
Milk; Regular Soy, Chocolate Soy, 1%, 2%, Skim, or Chocolate?1%.
Sushi; California Rolls, Spicy Salmon, Crab, Eel, Egg, Octopus, or Other?California Rolls until I got sick...
Sushi; Wasabi, Soysauce, Neither, or Both?Soysauce.
KFC; 2 piece combo, 3 piece combo, Family-Sized combo, or Chicken Club?Enough to share with my boyfriend.
KFC; Coleslaw, Potato Salad, or Macaroni Salad?Just mashed potatoes.
Pop; Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Rootbeer, 7-Up, Orange Crush, Cherry Coke, or Other?If I have it...birch beer or cream soda.
Burger King, In & Out, McDonald's, Harvey's, Hardee's, White Castle, A&W, or Other?Wendy's, I guess.
Burger Toppings; Lettuce, Tomato, Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Mushrooms, Or All Dressed?Ketchup.
Fries; Tater Tots, Poutine (if you're Canadian), Cheese Fries, Wedge, or Regular?Curly fries.
Pie; Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, Sugar, or Other?I don't really like pie but pumpkin is the best.
Pie; With or Without Ice Cream?No ice cream; it could touch.
Dessert; Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt, Gelato, or Jello?Pudding.
Dessert; Cake, Pie, Brownies, Cookies, or Fresh Fruit w. Whipping Cream?Brownies.
Popcorn; Buttery, Caramel, Strawberry, Or Plain Old Salted?Buttery.
**Your home***
House, Condo, Apartment, Trailer, or Other?Apartment.
Live alone, with Roomies, with Parents, or Other?Roomies.
Rent or Own? (if you Rent, how much do you pay?)Rent.
Neighbourhood you live in; Poor, Middle Class, Wealthy, Artsy, Conservative?Artsy.
City Centre, Burbs, or Country?Suburbs.
Do your area safe?Yes.
At what age did you move out? If you haven't yet, at what age do you plan to?When I went to college, but I visit a lot.
What was the hardest part about leaving home?Not having homecooked food.
Do you and your family still live in the same city or town?Yes.
Your room; Messy, a bit Messy, Cleanish, or Meticulously Clean?Meticulously clean.
**Getting Around**
Walking, Bicycle, Rollerblades, Bus, Subway, Car, or Commuter Train?The Volkie!
If you take public transit, how much is the fare?N/A
Tokens, Pass, or Tickets?N/A
Commuter Ritual (Coffee? Newspaper? Book?)Driving and listening to tunes.
Which Bus, Subway, or Train stop is nearest to you?The one infront of our apartment complex.
Doughnut run; Glazed, Chocolate, Bavarian Cream, Crueller, or Jam Filled?Chocolate.
Drivers License; Learners, Drivers or None?Drivers license.
Do you own your own car? (what kind of car?)Yes, my VW Beetle.
Home schooled, Private, or Public?Public.
Your School; Uniform or No Uniform?No uniform.
Your School; Catholic, Jewish, or Secular?Secular.
You; Preppy, Jock, Goth, Punk, Cheerleader, Loner, Nerd, Class Clown, or Other?Nerd.
What year did you Graduate? if you haven't yet, what year will you graduate?High school: 2003.
Discipline; Excellent Student, Good Student, Okay Student, or Abysmal Student?Excellent student.
Where have you travelled? (be specific; name specific cities)Yes.
Have you flown before? if so, what's your favourite airline?Yes, and Virgin Atlantic was amazing.
Flying Rituals? (book, ipod, sleeping, etc..)Magazines.
In flight meal; Chicken, Beef, Pasta, Vegetarian/Vegan, Oriental, or Kid's?Yeah, like they give you anything but peanuts.
Which class do you usually take; First, Business, or Economy?Economy.
Have you ever flown First Class? or been Upgraded?Nope.
Have you been on a train before? If so, which? (subways don't count)Yes.
Have you been on a ferry before? If so, which?Yes.
Have you been on a cruise before? If so, which?No.
Do you get motion sick?Yes.
Hotel; which sort of room do you usually stay in; Suite, Premium, Regular?Regular.
Have you travelled on your own before? (alone; that means no friends, no parents)Yes.
**At what age did you...**
Learn to tie your shoes?Who remembers that?
Learn to walk? (if you're unsure, ask your parents)Probably a little after one.
Learn about sex?When I was little probably.
Have your first real kiss?17.
If you're not a virgin; have sex for the first time?What!?
If you're married; when?N/A
If you had kids; when?N/A
**Mental and Physical Wellbeing**
Are you seeing a shrink?No.
Are you on any medications?No.
Birth Control; Condoms, Depo-Provera, the Pill, Vesectomy, or Hysterectomy?Do people really give information like that out on the internet?
Smoke, Drink, Do Illegal Drugs? (if so, which?)No.
If you smoke; have you any intention of quitting?N/A
Is your diet Low-fat, Reasonably Low-fat, or High-fat? (be honest)Reasonably low-fat.
Which body type are you; Anorexic, Skinny, Regular, Athletic, Pudgy, or Obese?Regular.
Do you follow trend diets such as Low-Carb or Atkins?No.
Casual, Short-Term, or Long-Term?Long-term.
Are you an open & honest individual or do you stew in your feelings?The former.
Is your relationship such, that if you wanted to candidly discuss sex , you could?Of course.
How do you cope with breakups? (Häagen-Dazs? A Box of Tissues? Revenge?)Badly.
Straight, Bi-Curious, Straight-Curious, Lesbian, or Gay?Straight.
What kind of guy/girl do you look for; Rebel, Puritan, Brainiac, Athlete, or Other?Smart guys with glasses - basically my boyfriend.
**Holidays and Religion**
Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzah, or Neither?Chanukah.
Christian, Catholic, Shinto, Buddhist, Wiccan, Qwaker, Agnostic, or Atheist?Jewish.
When you buy presents, are they extravagant, reasonable, or cheapskate?Depends how I am doing financially and who they are for.
What was the BEST present you've ever received?That's hard; I have gotten so many good gifts.
Easter; Cadbury Eggs, Kinder Surprise, Jellybeans, or Peeps?Cadbury.
Do you take Valentines day seriously? If so, how do you celebrate?Yes.
Halloween; what is the worst thing you've gotten trick-or-treating?That was ages ago too.
**Hot topics**
Pro-choice or Pro-life?Choice.
Pro-gay marriage or against?Pro.
If your daughter or son were gay, how would you respond?With anything they needed / support.
If your daughter decided to have an abortion, how would you respond?I am 22, I can't imagine that much, but then again, if it's her body, it is her decision. I would probably be upset about the situation though.
Are you generally intolerant of those different from yourself?Everyone likes to think they are tolerant, and I try to be.
Do you blog? if so, when did you start?This winter.
What kind of blog; picture blog, personal blog, culinary blog, political blog?Personal.
How many people on your friend's list?N/A.
What's your MySpace address?I don't recall.
Which do you use; MSN, Yahoo, AIM Messenger, and/or Other?AIM hardly ever.
What is your username?N/A
Does webspeak annoy you? (ie. ROFL, LOL, "Peepz", "H8TRZ")Not really.
Do you spend more time chatting than hanging out in real life?No.
Do you frequent specific chatrooms?Never.
Burial or Cremation?Burial.
Funeral; Lavish or Simple? Cremation; Urn or Ashes thrown someplace you loved?Simple.
What do you believe happens after death?I am not sure.
Have you seen a dead body before (human)?Yes.
How would you ideally like to die?In old age in my sleep.
Who are your favourite YouTubers? (ie. The WineKone, Renetto, WilliamSledd?)I don't visit YouTude often.
Do you yourself YouTube? If so, what's your YouTube addy?No.
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