Monday, March 5, 2007

Über-Short Star Trek: Voyager Summaries - Season Two (Part Three)

Alliances: Views see once again that everyone in the Delta Quadrant is bad! And, no surprise, the Kazon alliance doesn't work.

Threshold: Paris goes warp 10 then turns into a lizard and kidnaps Janeway. Their jungle fever results in illegitimate alien babies.

Meld: Tuvok feels murderous after a mind-meld with the homicidal Suder.

Dreadnought: B'Elanna must play war games with an old missile she programed during her stay with the Marquis.

Death Wish: Q wants to die. (No not that Q, another Q.) Janeway deliberates.

Lifesigns: The Doctor has a Vidiian girlfriend. All and all pretty cute.

Investigations: That traitor, Jonas is discovered by, of all people, Neelix. Tom goes undercover.

Deadlock: Two parallel universe Voyagers. Tragedy. Kim dies again. Samantha Wildman's baby is from a different universe now. The Vidiian are bad, bad. Janeway and Janeway save the day.

Innocence: Tuvok plays dad to some alien children who are really old people getting ready to die.

The Thaw: Proof that clowns really are scary and not funny. At least Harry doesn't die again.

Tuvix: Tuvok and Neelix become an unlikely duo turned uno in a transporter accident.

Resolutions: J/Cer's rejoice! Janeway and Chakotay set up house and even have a pet money, sort of. Flirting abounds - kind of trashy...

Basics, Part I: Seska / "Chakotay's" (not really) son is born, the Kazon use the baby to bring Voyager into their terratory and then take the ship, leaving our beloved crew stranded on a pseudo-primordial Earth,

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