Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Statement of Purpose

Did I mention this blog is for a course I am taking: Writing into the Blogosphere. For this class we are supposed to write a prospectus on our "vision for [our] individual blog." I figured I would record it here, in the spirit of the class' theme.

1. What will it look like? Well, naturally, like this. I want my blog to be low frills. This is by necessity. I don't know html or any other programming language. I picked the dots template offered by Blogspot because it appealed to me aesthetically and did not make readability suffer. My focus here is to create a blog that is for reading. It will thus not have too many pictures or links. The one acceptation to this would be if I decided to use this blog for posting about my knitting, something I have considered because there are a lot of great knitting blogs out there. I am a knitter and would enjoy being part of a community of knitters. I am considering dabbling in the knitting blog. I would, possibly, test it out here. Then there would be pictures.

2. What will you discuss? I want this blog to be my open forum. I will vary my topics and discussions. Some work will be creative. Sometimes I will post reviews or ed-ops. Perhaps, I will sometimes go against my wishes and post about myself. The class is experimental, and I want to experiment with this blog.

3. How often will I post? When I feel like it but at least once a week. Rate of post-age depends on level of business.

4. Will it be arranged around a theme, genre, or purpose? No. (See number 2.)

5. How will you present yourself? That is difficult to determine as I don't plan on having this be a journal style blog. I want this blog to be more about external things than myself. That being said, I want to present myself positively.

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