Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Updates

I have just added a meter to track the progress of my current (and near future) knitting projects. As I am a person who enjoys knitting a lot, I felt this would be a fun way to utilize this space and infuse it with more personality.

I have also chosen a new template, switching from Dots to Tic Tac Blue- I did not want my blog to look like the portal blog for the class I am taking.

The story for E355 is coming along as well. I might post some of the new material shortly. I just want to take time with what I have, write more, and edit a bit. It's due Tuesday, so all of that should be soon coming.

In personal news (Here I am not taking my own advise), I have decided to take Psychology 380: Abnormal Psychology pass/fail. It is my last semester, and I would like to enjoy this material. Having both parents in the mental health field and having exposure to mental illness through volunteer work at the hospital, I am excited to learn more and enjoy what I am learning without the worry of having to get an A. Additionally, in reference to the pigs I mentioned earlier; one of my mother's co-workers recently got two Pygmy pigs. They are living at his second home in Vermont, a residence he does not inhabit during the work week. As a result, he wanted to know if we would be willing to occasionally have the pigs as guests at our apartment. Seth and David said, "Yes," so once the pigs are trained they will very likely come to visit us. You cannot overestimate my excitement!

Those are the updates. I hope to provide more creative posts in the future. Also, I may include some knitting pictures. I'll have to see. Good evening, All!

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