Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I admit it, I have a prejudice, rather a preconceived notion, about blogs. I think that blogs are rather self-indulgent. They are a sort of pseudo-self-aware, self-analytical diatribe. A blog is like an episode of Dawson's Creek: very entertaining but with a sense of over self-awareness (in the case of Dawson's Creek often expressed with a plethora of SAT vocabulary).

Self-awareness is not a bad thing. Neither is self-indulgence. But where should the blog fit? The blog is not a journal / diary, where self-indulgence is more than acceptable. The blog is a sort of digital forum, open to anyone. This simple fact necessitates that the blog be more than just a record of ones feeling, action, and complaints about daily life. A blog should, perhaps, entertain or at least inform. It should have purpose. And the writer should realize that his blog is not only about him, the writer, but also about you, the reader.

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