Tuesday, February 20, 2007

E355 Fiction in Progress?

I am working on an assignment for my Creative Writing Fiction class. I have to write about a character, who should be in motion and then offer a surprise. At least that is what I judge is wanted from the syllabus. Here is my start. Any help would be, of course, helpful.

“No, fuck it, or I’ll miss the train,” the tea pushed back at her, a kiss planted on her forehead as an afterthought. Haylee watched the bag, swollen with water bob up and down precariously as the flat door closed just a little too loudly. The lock slid into place. She picked up the plate scattered with crumbs from his half eaten crumpet with a sigh and smoothed the already smooth tablecloth. The tea, not drunk, went down the sink.

The house was always so empty after Tem left and the bustle of the London streets so far below that the only sounds that reached her were as a silent whisper of a child.

Tuesday, two days before the much anticipated Thursday, was market day.

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